About Payments Cards and Mobile

In business since 1994, Payments Cards & Mobile is an established and award-winning hub for global payments news, research and consulting. We work with recognised industry experts to provide impartial, up-to-date and relevant information and analysis on every area of payments.

Personal relationships have been the hallmark of our business. We remain committed to working closely with our many long-standing customers and welcome new customers in producing quality information and providing a variety of ways in which you can consume this information. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality data so you can position your business and key personalities in this increasingly competitive industry.

Published Titles

Payments Cards and Mobile

Payments Cards & Mobile is the award winning, leading payments publication covering every aspect of the international card, mobile and contactless payments business. We mail 11,000 copies of the magazine to leaders and payment experts, and distribute it at all the major global conferences and exhibitions.

Mobile Payments World

Mobile Payments World is a bi-weekly newsletter for the busy professional who wants to scan the latest happenings and trends on a more regular basis. MPW covers the latest news, developments and key players in mobile payments, mobile commerce, near-field communication (NFC) and mobile money transfer.

Payments Yearbooks

To write please… Payment Card Yearbooks Our industry leading Payments Card Yearbook is seen as the ‘must have’ statistical data analysis of 43 countries in Europe and Eurasia.

Our other payments industry services:

To write please… Research – Payments Cards and Mobile Research prepares reports on a variety of payments industry topics. Our industry leading Payments Card Yearbook is seen as the ‘must have’ statistical data analysis of 43 countries in Europe and Eurasia www.paymentcardyearbooks.com.

We also provide bespoke research projects on specialist subjects including fraud, country reports, SEPA, PSD, card networks, mobile payments, mobile money transfer and mobile contactless payments.

Consulting – Payments Cards and Mobile Consulting has a long history in the banking, payments and mobile industries. Specialist areas include SEPA, PSD, Card Networks, Mobile Payments, Mobile Money Transfer and Mobile Contactless Payments.