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Android Pay launching this week

According to numerous press reports, Android Pay is set to launch this week, letting users of Google’s mobile operating system pay with their phones. The service is set to go live on August 26 in the US, according to a leaked message from McDonald’s. Google hasn’t yet indicated when it will launch Android Pay in the UK. Android Pay is Google’s… Continue reading >>

Increasing appetite for mobile contactless payments in Germany

Mobile contactless payments based mobile payments are gradually gaining prominence in Germany, with consumer preference for secure payment services also gaining ground, finds a new report by Timetric. According to the report, mobile penetration witnessed a healthy growth during the review period, rising from 128.3% in 2010 to 134.3% in 2014. One of the primary reasons for growth in smartphone… Continue reading >>

Mobile payments poised for explosive growth

Worldwide mobile payments will account for $1 trillion in value in 2017, up 124% from the less than $500 billion expected in 2015. Asia/Pacific markets will contribute to this growth greatly as mobile commerce (or mCommerce) transactions with remote payments take off across the region. Driven by a high number of initiatives and diverse mCommerce maturity level, Asia/Pacific is expected… Continue reading >>

Target agrees $67 million for Visa data breach

Target has reached a $67m agreement with Visa over the massive data breach of customers’ payment data during the 2013 holiday shopping season that raised serious questions about the company’s data security systems. The company said the required number of card issuers had entered into the agreements. It declined to say how much the issuers would be reimbursed. However, a person… Continue reading >>

Bitnet and PAY.ON strategic partnership to enable simplified Bitcoin acceptance

Bitnet, an enterprise bitcoin payments processor, and PAY.ON have entered a strategic partnership that will enable payment service providers globally to offer bitcoin as a payment method via PAY.ON’s RESTful API-based payment platform.   Bitnet is the first bitcoin payment processor designed specifically to service both the merchant and PSP ecosystems. Founded and staffed by a team of ex-Visa and ex-CyberSource payment… Continue reading >>

Visa and QIWI mass launch of contactless phone payments

QIWI and Visa have implemented a new stage of their strategic partnership, which has resulted in integration of Visa payWave’s contactless technology into Visa QIWI Wallet. Now e-wallet customers can pay using their NFC-enabled mobile devices operating on Android 4.4 or higher in stores, cafes, cinemas, and hundreds of thousands of other points of sale equipped with contactless terminals worldwide. Visa QIWI… Continue reading >>

US retailers to begin public tests of CurrentC

MCX, three years after deciding to enter the mobile payment market with CurrentC, a group of large retailers is finally doing it. Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a partnership between large retailers and restaurant companies including Wal-Mart Stores, Target and Darden Restaurants will begin its first public tests of its mobile-payment application at several member retailers and restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, in the… Continue reading >>

Research reveals little impact from mobile payments on cash use

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released a new research paper, “US Mobile Payments: Do They Disrupt Cash?” which examines the impact of mobile payments on the growth of cash. Despite all the attention it receives, mobile payments still account for only a very small fraction of retail in-store payments. ATMIA sought to determine what real impact mobile payments are having… Continue reading >>

The economics of hacking

After a series of high-profile hacking attacks, many companies are considering more aggressive tactics to fight back against cyber crime, including “active defence” strategies. The most controversial is “hacking back” against cyber criminals, which is against US law and, according to several bank officials, a bad idea because of the difficulty in definitively identifying culprits. Instead, they are fighting back… Continue reading >>

Global NFC handset sales drive payments cool factor

As the world mourns the loss of a former king of the handset manufacturing world and Microsoft licks its wounds in writing down about $7.6 billion on the Nokia division, there is reason for optimism and excitement elsewhere in the handset manufacturing industry and this spells excellent news for the payments industry. The good news is based around three small… Continue reading >>