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09 Sep 2014 Contactless alex.rolfe No comments

Is mobile payment approaching the tipping point?

Every popular technology-based service that we use in our day-to-day lives has at some stage in its development gone through…

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11 Aug 2014 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe No comments

The digital battle that banks must win

The average consumer’s banking relationship is dominated by making payments. So why are banks doing so little to defend this…

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23 Jul 2014 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe No comments

PSD2: A ‘bull by the horns’ approach to open access

As the European Commission moves closer towards its ambitions of creating a single European payments market, one proposal put forward…

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15 Jul 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe No comments

RDP Bruteforcing Botnet Targeting POS Systems

There have been an increasing number of headlines about breaches at retailers in which attackers have made off with credit…

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30 Jun 2014 Risk & Compliance alex.rolfe No comments

5 Simple rules for effective payments communications

Today’s multichannel world of communications means getting results requires painstaking attention to detail and constantly varying your tone and types…

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12 Jun 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe No comments

Banking websites pose easy target for malicious WIFI hotspots

Recent studies in the Netherlands showed that consumers who are sending Internet banking transactions through a malicious WIFI hotspot could…

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04 Jun 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe No comments

Beating fraud with technology faster than the human brain

Neural networks have played an important role in the fight against card payment fraud for several decades. Once at the…

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28 May 2014 Payments News alex.rolfe No comments

Do new rules on digital VAT affect your merchants?

New rules on VAT collection in the European Union come into effect on 1 January next year. Online digital goods…

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27 May 2014 Contactless alex.rolfe No comments

Slowly changing attitudes to contactless payments

For a technology whose main advantage is its speed, it is taking a remarkably long time for consumers and businesses…

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15 May 2014 e-commerce alex.rolfe No comments

Disruption in international payments - a sign of the times

While the tech-savvy generation embraces the evolution of payments systems and the opening up of ideas and solutions, one area…

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