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30 Apr 2015 Contactless alex.rolfe

Startup nations: Big bust or big bang?

In the near decade and a half since the tech bubble burst in 2001, much of the hype of those…

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29 Apr 2015 Contactless alex.rolfe

The battle between in-app payments and mobile wallets

The concept of an ‘electronic wallet’ for storing and spending money digitally dates back to the mid-nineties and is almost…

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21 Apr 2015 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe

Can you turn regulatory and payment scheme compliance into a…

Regulatory compliance has long been viewed as a mandatory component and a ‘cost’ of doing business as a financial services…

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14 Apr 2015 Contactless alex.rolfe

A payments letter from America

Having recently been in the United States of America for a month, I have been able to see first hand…

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20 Mar 2015 Cyber crime alex.rolfe

Uncover how value chain integrity monitoring could have avoided the…

Alleged hackers have struck again, infiltrating numerous banking systems and stealing up to hundreds of millions of dollars in 30…

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16 Mar 2015 Contactless alex.rolfe

Smartwatches and payments

2015 has been heralded as the year when smart watch adoption becomes mainstream. The smart watch worldwide market value is…

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05 Mar 2015 Cyber crime alex.rolfe

Payment Systems vs. Cyber Criminals: A Tug of War That…

Security breaches and data leaks reached global proportions last year, with cyber criminals concentrating not only on logins, passwords and…

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27 Feb 2015 e-commerce alex.rolfe

Is your organisation ready for EBA rules on monitoring internet…

European Banking Authority (EBA) rules on transaction monitoring for internet payments are on the way. Is your organisation aware of…

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02 Feb 2015 Risk & Compliance alex.rolfe

Trust is essential to sell technology to crisis-hardened banking industry

If there's one thing the world learnt from the 2008 financial crisis, it is that in spite of the technological…

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16 Jan 2015 Fraud alex.rolfe

How to catch the modern day criminal

From malicious malware to sophisticated phishing schemes, banking institutions and card service providers are under constant, multi-channel attack. How should…

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08 Dec 2014 e-commerce alex.rolfe

The fraud prevention shopping list for 2015

At this time of festivities and jollity I’d like to share what we’ve seen and learnt over the past year…

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28 Oct 2014 Fraud & Security alex.rolfe

Instant card issuanceis not soon enough for card issuers

Research from Aite Group in its latest report, Instant Gratification: The Case for Instant Card Issuance in the United States,…

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20 Oct 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe

Building safer digital banking

Online banking and its younger, upstart cousin, mobile banking, have become indispensable tools for today’s time-pressured customers. With fraud attacks…

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03 Oct 2014 e-commerce alex.rolfe

Five omnichannel underpinnings of profitable commerce

There’s a revolution underway in the way that we sell. Retailers are reevaluating the way they do business as a…

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02 Oct 2014 Mobile banking alex.rolfe

Mobile banking & payments: UK regulator shows the way

The face of banking is changing. Seemingly, never a day goes past without the launch of a new product or…

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09 Sep 2014 Contactless alex.rolfe

Is mobile payment approaching the tipping point?

Every popular technology-based service that we use in our day-to-day lives has at some stage in its development gone through…

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11 Aug 2014 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe

The digital battle that banks must win

The average consumer’s banking relationship is dominated by making payments. So why are banks doing so little to defend this…

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23 Jul 2014 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe

PSD2: A ‘bull by the horns’ approach to open access

As the European Commission moves closer towards its ambitions of creating a single European payments market, one proposal put forward…

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15 Jul 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe

RDP Bruteforcing Botnet Targeting POS Systems

There have been an increasing number of headlines about breaches at retailers in which attackers have made off with credit…

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30 Jun 2014 Risk & Compliance alex.rolfe

5 Simple rules for effective payments communications

Today’s multichannel world of communications means getting results requires painstaking attention to detail and constantly varying your tone and types…

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12 Jun 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe

Banking websites pose easy target for malicious WIFI hotspots

Recent studies in the Netherlands showed that consumers who are sending Internet banking transactions through a malicious WIFI hotspot could…

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04 Jun 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe

Beating fraud with technology faster than the human brain

Neural networks have played an important role in the fight against card payment fraud for several decades. Once at the…

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28 May 2014 Payments News alex.rolfe

Do new rules on digital VAT affect your merchants?

New rules on VAT collection in the European Union come into effect on 1 January next year. Online digital goods…

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27 May 2014 Contactless alex.rolfe

Slowly changing attitudes to contactless payments

For a technology whose main advantage is its speed, it is taking a remarkably long time for consumers and businesses…

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15 May 2014 e-commerce alex.rolfe

Disruption in international payments - a sign of the times

While the tech-savvy generation embraces the evolution of payments systems and the opening up of ideas and solutions, one area…

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16 Apr 2014 Fraud & Security alex.rolfe

Are you staying on top of the fraud game?

With 2013 seeing a further increase in online payment fraud, maintaining consumer confidence in payment products is essential and has…

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05 Mar 2014 Fraud alex.rolfe

Striking the right balance between lost revenue and losses from…

A recent fraud report suggested that the revenue lost from genuine transactions that were declined because of over-sensitive fraud management…

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22 Jan 2014 e-commerce alex.rolfe

Are you checking out the fraudster’s shopping?

Merchants want consumers to have an easy, stress free shopping experience. This Merchants want consumers to have an easy, stress…

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18 Dec 2013 Fraud alex.rolfe

Secure mobile payment adoption - ECB recommendations a step in…

The noise levels around mobile payment are deafening. Just take the scramble for ECB recommendations a step in the right…

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05 Dec 2013 Fraud alex.rolfe

The Cybercriminal’s Dilemma – Bitcoin: A Platform or a Target

Trusteer’s Security team has recently analysed a malware variant designed to specifically A malware variant designed to specifically target Bitcoin target…

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27 Nov 2013 Fraud alex.rolfe

Dissecting Android KorBanker

In a recent blog, FireEye identified a malicious mobile application, Android KorBanker, that installs a fake banking application capable of stealing…

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07 Nov 2013 Fraud alex.rolfe

Winning the fight against fraud without compromising consumer convenience

In the new era of payments careful consideration of electronic payment infrastructure means increased payment security doesn’t have to be…

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07 Nov 2013 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe

SEPA migration is much more than a European compliance headache

The single euro payments area (SEPA) migration is much more than a European compliance headache.  From a strategic perspective, SEPA…

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21 Oct 2013 Contactless alex.rolfe

Contactless and the future of payments

Our society has seen an incredible rate of technological change over the past few decades. Never before have people borne…

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15 Oct 2013 Issuing & Acquiring alex.rolfe

Interchange fees infuriate all merchants, but why is the US…

Interchange fees, those pesky little charges that get added to merchant processing costs and flow back to the card-issuing bank,…

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20 Sep 2013 Contactless alex.rolfe

The Future of Multichannel Payments

Today's consumers are increasingly using mobile devices, whether it’s a tablet or a hand held to browse products, read reviews,…

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11 Sep 2013 Risk & Compliance alex.rolfe

The market and policy environment for Card, Internet and Mobile…

Regulatory attention from the European Commission and national competition authorities is a major factor contributing to changes in the payments…

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28 May 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Financial Institutions Must Leverage Credibility For Chance of Success In…

The mobile payment market is a lucrative one and new competitors are charging in for the gold rush, but credibility…

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30 Apr 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Should e-money be taxed?

It’s no secret that I believe that cash is not the best way of maintaining an effective, efficient and stable…

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29 Apr 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Major Retail Chains Blast EMV Switch

The card networks are reporting progress among issuers and acquirers in the U.S. transition to EMV-chip cards, but some big…

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25 Apr 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Behavior Profiling – Finding the Man Who Wasn’t There

In the movie Identity, Pruitt Taylor, Vince’s character, whispers a verse from the poem Antigonish: “As I was going up the…

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17 Apr 2013 Video alex.rolfe

How cybercriminals are exploiting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies

Bitcoin is an online decentralised virtual currency based on an open source, P2P protocol. Bitcoins can be transferred using a computer…

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10 Apr 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Fraud – Education alone is not enough

At a round-table event organised recently by the Payments Cards and Mobile team, and attended by a number of payments and mobile…

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26 Mar 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

Banking on mobile payments

Smartphone sales are continuing to grow across the globe, with the population increasingly relying on this technology not only as…

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14 Mar 2013 Payments News alex.rolfe

No E-retailer is immune from payment fraud

The increase of ecommerce worldwide has led to an increase in online card fraud and cybercrime is becoming ever more…

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30 Nov 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Applying developing-market mobile banking models in the developed world

A U.S. federal report released in September found that 8.2 percent of households in the country are unbanked. That’s nearly 10 million…

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16 Nov 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Money 2020 - Everything you want to know about…

The first Money 2020 event was held recently in Las Vegas and was a resounding success. If you wanted to…

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02 Nov 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

How Fraud Systems Should Interact With Your Customers

It is no surprise to hear card fraud continues to rise in every country around the globe, according to the…

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26 Jul 2012 Payments News denise.gee

India’s middle classes and unbanked are ripe for low value…

India is a market of staggering dimensions and overwhelming potential for parties involved in payments. Its potential was very clear…

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25 Jun 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Snacking, lunching, fine dining – Adopting an integrated channel strategy…

Financial institutions have much to consider when it comes to serving their customers’ multi-channel banking needs. There are two significant…

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13 Jun 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

PayPal's POS Partnerships Breathe Life into Mobile Payments

A couple of weeks ago, I misplaced my wallet while at a central Texas lake. So when I had to…

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25 May 2012 Payments News denise.gee

Squabbling while Athens burns?

Time for the payments industry to tackle the stalemate over the cost of low value payments Austerity hurts, there’s no question.…

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02 May 2012 Payments News denise.gee

How social are you? Social media and the payments industry

The saying that a reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy was ahead of its time. With a…

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27 Apr 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Mobile Payments Can Expose More Consumer Data and Weaken Privacy…

Get ready for mobile payments to change how we make in-store purchases and how companies collect information about us. Nearly…

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19 Apr 2012 Payments News simon.hardie

Mobile payments: Great technology but where's the demand?

As highlighted in Eurasia Insights' study of mobile banking and payments in Turkey, Turkey is increasingly at the top of most…

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19 Apr 2012 Payments News denise.gee

It's possible - industry can displace cash with all-win approach…

Square has become a retail and payments phenomenon. Across the USA it has provided hundreds of thousands of small and…

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11 Apr 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

PayPal unveils the most comprehensive suite of small business payment…

Just a few weeks ago we introduced PayPal Here, the world’s first global mobile payment solution that allows small businesses to…

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20 Feb 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Small Merchants Prefer to Settle with iZettle

People in Sweden, the country in Northern Europe where I am from, would consider themselves early adopters in electronic payments…

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10 Feb 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

Google Wallet Security: PIN Exposure Vulnerability

Cell phone-based credit card payments are a burgeoning industry. There is a great deal of backroom negotiation going on today…

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19 Jan 2012 Payments News alex.rolfe

What’s the point of PCI DSS if the world is…

A small restaurant in Utah is taking a stand against one of the biggest regulations affecting the payment security industry.…

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