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Contactless is king

Brits have gone contactless crazy according to data from Worldpay, which revealed that it has processed over £2 billion of contactless payments since January 2012. This surge is even more incredible as it was only in October 2014 that the company reached the £1 billion milestone. Data from the UK’s leading payment processing company shows the number of contactless transactions… Continue reading >>

Google launch Android Pay

Google has unveiled its second crack at the payments market in the form of Android Pay, which will enable credit, debit, prepaid and small business cardholders to use their Android phones for everyday purchases in-store and within Android apps. The ubiquity of mobile phones is changing the way consumers pay. According to a recent Federal Reserve report1, 39% of all mobile payment… Continue reading >>

Apple Pay users on the up

Apple Pay is becoming more and more frequently used each month, a bi-monthly study has revealed. In May, nearly half (46%) of iPhone 6 owners have successfully used Apple Pay. This marks a 4% increase from just two months ago. The study, carried out by Auriemma Consulting Group’s Apple Pay Tracker, interviews a new group of 500 iPhone 6 owners… Continue reading >>

Postbank to trial Host Card Emulation

Germany’s Postbank is to run an internal pilot of an NFC mobile payments app operating in a Host Card Emulation environment. Postbank employees participating in the project will be able to use their Android smartphones at the checkout to make contactless payments with a tap of their phone at the cash register – according to press reports. The technology, supplied… Continue reading >>

BNZ deploys PayClip mPOS in New Zealand

Mint Payments has announced that its partnership with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has resulted in the successful deployment and enhancement of BNZ’s PayClip mPOS payments product. PayClip enables business owners in New Zealand to accept the full spectrum of card payments, including Visa, MasterCard and EFTPOS through methods such as NFC contactless, chip and PIN and magnetic swipe. According… Continue reading >>

Cash overtaken by ‘non-cash’ payments in 2014

Figures published today show that the total number of cash payments made by consumers, businesses and financial organisations in the UK fell to 48% last year (from 52% in 2013). This is the first time that ‘non-cash’ payments have exceeded those made with cash, reflecting the steady trend to use automated payment methods and debit cards rather than pay by… Continue reading >>

iZettle launches contactless dongle

mPOS specialist iZettle has launched a new hardware dongle that includes both chip and PIN and contactless payment functionality, along with support for Apple Pay. The Card Reader Pro Contactless is initially being distributed to select partners across the UK and will retail for around £79. Small businesses will be able to use the kit to immediately accept payments using… Continue reading >>

Samsung partners for Samsung Pay launch in Europe

Oberthur Technologies (OT) has announced its partnership with Samsung for the deployment of Samsung Pay in Europe later this year. The Samsung Pay service will allow Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners to use their smartphone for contactless payments. The S6 and S6 Edge are all equipped with OT’s NFC embedded Secure Element (eSE), PEARL. Contracting with Samsung and OT, banks… Continue reading >>

Samsung Wallet discontinued as LoopPay transaction revealed

Samsung Wallet will no longer be available for users beginning on June 30, 2015, according to an email sent to users as the handset giant preps Samsung Pay. Back in February 2015, Samsung acquired mobile payments company LoopPay, and unveiled that Samsung Pay will be integrated into the Galaxy S6, so this move is not a huge surprise, the source… Continue reading >>

Mobile proximity payments

In a new report, Aite Group details how the installation of NFC-capable payment terminals, prevalence of NFC-capable smartphones, and emergence of tokenization and biometrics have created a great deal of consumer and merchant interest in mobile proximity payments. The space’s rate of change is breathtaking, and it is rife with competitive initiatives and disruptive market entrants. Can mobile proximity payments… Continue reading >>