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Asia Pacific study of digital payment adoption

New findings released from an Asia Pacific study shows the current state of digital payment adoption and how new Internet-based services affect payment trends across Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. Principle findings of this study by ACI Worldwide include: Nearly 40% of respondents used a smartphone wallet in India, second only after China (70%), as a… Continue reading >>

Samsung Pay celebrate mobile payment overachievement

Ahead of its much anticipated launch in the US next week, and pitting itself in direct competition with Apple Pay, Samsung released news that its mobile payment service has processed more than $30 million worth of transactions in its first month in South Korea, a level of market adoption that the company said was “beyond our expectations.” The service, Samsung Pay, competes… Continue reading >>

Apple Pay scores high as contactless use accelerates

The spend limit of contactless payments and Apple Pay has increased from £20 to £30 as of 1st September meaning more Apple Pay users could be using their iPhones to make payments. According to the UK Card Association* during the first half of 2015 customers spent £2.5 billion in contactless payments meaning that with the rise of spending limits, the… Continue reading >>

Contactless mobile transactions to hit 5% of retail payments

Aite Group research indicates that from 2015 to 2018, contactless mobile transactions have the potential to reach 4% to 5% of retail payments with growth in transaction volume accelerating after 2020. It also predicts that cards will account for 273 billion transactions at a combined value of some $30 trillion by 2018. However, as mPOS grows, new forms of payment will… Continue reading >>

Discover start accepting Apple Pay

Discover has announced it will integrate with Apple Pay. Apple Pay already accepts users with MasterCard, American Express, and Visa, and Discover’s participation means Apple Pay is now compatible with all major credit cards. Discover also is trying to lure Apple Pay users to be more active by offering an additional 10% cashback bonus on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases…. Continue reading >>

A strong start for Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has exceeded 500,000 subscribers after its introduction to the South Korean nation on August 20, and both the ICT industry and Samsung Electronics are apparently surprised. When Hana SK Card was launched in 2010, the credit card company set a goal to secure 500,000 members per year while betting on mobile payments. However, Samsung Pay has already achieved… Continue reading >>

SK Telecom launches T Smart Pay

SK Telecom is heading into the mobile payment market with T Smart Pay. The T Smart Pay service, to be launched at the end of this year, is based on contactless NFC. The charge goes onto customers’ phone bills at the end of the month. Mobile carriers, smartphone producers, financial firms, distributors, portal sites, and Internet companies have developed their own differentiated… Continue reading >>

The next decade of payment innovation

VocaLink has spearheaded a collaborative whitepaper – titled Moving Money 2025 – bringing together the leading voices in the payments industry to predict how payment innovation could change by 2025 and the impact this will have on consumers, businesses, charities and even our interaction with the state. To accompany the report, 2000 consumers were also polled on their attitudes to current… Continue reading >>

Court decisions against HTC in Germany in NFC patent disputes

On March 26th, 2015 Dusseldorf courts (Landgericht) held, after a trial on the merits, that certain HTC smartphone products infringe patents EP 1 855 229 and EP 1 163 718 exclusively licensed to France Brevets by Inside Secure. These patents relate to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and protect inventions developed over ten years ago by Inside Secure engineers. “After… Continue reading >>

Contactless Cards and Payments in Europe – Rollout with Significant Traction

Contactless cards and payments are the new normal for Europe. The country profiles of the Payment Cards Yearbooks provide the individual background of contactless cards and POS terminals by country, including card form factors and mobile contactless payment initiatives. As at end-2014, MasterCard reported that contactless cards with PayPass function are issued in 38 European countries (+2 on 2014) and… Continue reading >>