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MCX responds to Apple Pay exclusivity allegations

After several days of questions as to why the pharmacies Rite Aid and CVS blocked Apple pay in their stores after initially accepting it, executives from the Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX), a group of retailers working on a rival to Apple Pay, finally spoke out. During a news conference, MCX CEO Dekkers Davidson rebuffed earlier reports from The New York Times in… Continue reading >>

Apple Pay activates 1 million credit cards in first 3 days

Timothy Cook, Apple CEO, has revealed that 1 million credit cards were activated on Apple Pay in the first three days that the mobile wallet went live, the New York Times reported. The CEO made the statement during a tech conference in Laguna Beach, California. Apple made deals with many merchants, including Whole Foods, Walgreens, McDonald’s, Macy’s and Nike. Some retailers… Continue reading >>

US pharmacies disable NFC access to inhibit Apple Pay

If it was easy, everyone would do it…or Google Wallet would already be a roaring success. However, it isn’t, and Apple Pay is now discovering its entry into the payments ecosystem will be hard fought, as two of the US’s biggest pharmacy chains moved to disabled NFC terminals in an attempt to shut out Apple Pay ahead of the launch… Continue reading >>

The HCE tap is open – will NFC services flow?

I was prepared for Mobey Forum’s third annual Mobey Day event to be a lively affair. Bringing banks together with, amongst others, GSMA, chip manufacturers and mobile payment software providers to discuss the future of NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE (Host Card Emulation) was always going to ignite debate. What I was less prepared for, however, was just how… Continue reading >>

Apple Pay launches

Apple’s new payment system, Apple Pay, rolls out at some retailers and promises more protection from hackers. With cybersecurity threats showing no sign of slowing down, perhaps it is time to reconsider the way we pay. Enter Apple Pay, the system that encrypts credit card data from retailers. Apple Pay is available on new iPhone 6 models with the iOS 8.1 update. The payment system… Continue reading >>

Westpac launches new mobile payment sticker

Westpac has launched its new mobile payment sticker, enabling customers to make payments with any mobile device. The Westpac PayTag, can be attached to the back of a mobile device (or any other suitable item), enabling customers to make quick, secure contactless payments of up to $80 simply by holding their smartphone up to a contactless terminal. Westpac’s Chief Product… Continue reading >>

Tokenization for mobile payments and mobile wallet services

MasterCard and Visa has recently released the technical specifications for tokenization. Tokenization is the next generation security for mobile cloud based payments and other secure mobile services. “We started the preparation for tokenization to be included in our mobile technology platform early next year. Now we are ready for the next step and we are currently discussing pilots with innovative… Continue reading >>

Is Apple Pay the answer to mobile payments?

On September 9, 2014, Apple announced Apple Pay along with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Apple Pay is first available in the US, with international launch expected later. The announcement sparked a frenzy of discussions, in both private boardrooms and public forums, on what Apple Pay means for the industry. Apple Pay has a good chance to be successful,… Continue reading >>

CaixaBank gears up for wearable’s with contactless payment technology

CaixaBank, Spain’s innovative financial services provider, is preparing for its commercial launch of contactless EMV payment wristbands. These wearable banking devices, certified by the international payment schemes, give CaixaBank customers the freedom and security to pay everywhere they go, without the need to carry a purse or wallet. The contactless wrist bands supports contactless EMV transactions, which can be performed… Continue reading >>

HCE support could reach 85% of smart phones

Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology support is growing by leaps and bounds. Since it was introduced in the KitKat version of Android Operating System, HCE support in smart phones has been growing in a steep curve. Last month Google released new usage numbers showing that 25% of all smart phones running Android OS are already doing so with KitKat. That’s… Continue reading >>