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World Payments Report 2015

Non-cash payment volumes are expected to continue on a high growth trajectory in 2014, according to the World Payments Report 2015 from Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). They are projected to grow at a rate of 8.9% to reach a record high of 389.7 billion transactions,2 up from 2013’s 7.6% growth rate. Driven by a combination of factors including robust… Continue reading >>

MasterCard Identity Check

MasterCard has introduced MasterCard Identity Check, a suite of technology solutions that leverage advanced technologies to prove a consumer’s identity and further simplify the online shopping experience. Existing methods to prove an identity online can take shoppers away from a retailer’s website. This final step can be time consuming and potentially result in the purchase being declined or abandoned. MasterCard Identity… Continue reading >>

Asia Pacific study of digital payment adoption

New findings released from an Asia Pacific study shows the current state of digital payment adoption and how new Internet-based services affect payment trends across Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. Principle findings of this study by ACI Worldwide include: Nearly 40% of respondents used a smartphone wallet in India, second only after China (70%), as a… Continue reading >>

Retailers prepare for unified commerce

Nearly 78% of leading North American retailers expect to have a unified commerce platform, or a seamless customer experience across channels, up and running within the next five years, a new report has revealed. Unified commerce tracks consumers’ interactions across all channels, both physical and online, and is designed to enhance the customer experience through personalisation and effective use of… Continue reading >>

Visa closes down – replaces with Visa Checkout

Visa Europe says it is changing by Visa and offering Visa Checkout for online payments for e- and m-commerce. Visa announced, via its French portal, that it will offer the Visa Checkout service to French consumers as of early 2016. Visa Checkout will enable consumers to shop around the world and pay online regardless of the medium, in just… Continue reading >>

Indian mobile payments to grow to $3 trillion

Mobile payments in India are predicted to grow 200 times over the next seven years to $3,000 billion and will benefit IT, telecom, banking and mobile wallet companies, as per a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report. “In India, we consider mobile payments to be both an opportunity (for banks, telcos and new players) and threat (due to dis-intermediation, more to the traditional… Continue reading >>

Stores play key role in omnichannel strategy

73% of retailers expect the store to become more strategically important by 2020 according to a new study. However, 69% said that expanding their digital presence is the top short-term priority. European retailers are taking significantly different approaches to omnichannel, according to the study by market research and strategy company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Retailers are trying to provide a… Continue reading >>

Worldpay deal on a knife edge

The Worldpay IPO is on the verge of being called off according to sources. The current owners are set to sell the company to French rival Ingenico if it increases its offer to £6.5bn. Bain Capital and Advent, the private equity owners of Worldpay, were scheduled to announce details of a £6bn share issue on Monday but postponed the announcement last Friday… Continue reading >>

Mobile commerce growing 300% faster than ecommerce

As growing adoption of smart devices makes shopping for the general population easier through apps, mobile commerce is on track to grow 300% faster than entire ecommerce by 2016. Data researched suggests that between 2013 and 2016 mobile shopping will grow 42% compared to regular ecommerce’s 13%.