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ING Bank launches voice biometric payment system

While banking customers have already been able to use the voice control mode on the ING Netherlands app, now they can also make voice-activated payments leveraging voice biometric technology. A smart alternative to PINs and passwords, voice biometrics makes mobile banking easier in the ING Netherlands mobile banking app. Over 100,000 ING Netherlands’ customers already use the virtual assistant in… Continue reading >>

Equity launches thin SIM mobile money service

Equity Bank has launched its telecommunications services under Equitel, the brand name for its fully-owned subsidiary Finserve Africa. The largest lender by customer base has been issuing ordinary SIM cards at its banking halls since October last year after its planned roll out of controversial thin-SIM technology was temporarily paralysed by a court injunction. By last June, subscribers on primary SIM cards had… Continue reading >>

Mobile Identity: the fusion of financial services, mobility and identity

A new report looks into generational change – particularly as it affects Gen X and Y, who together make up half of the global population . Their adoption of mobile digital technology will both expose institutions to risk and create opportunity. The central argument in the mobile identity whitepaper is that mobile digital technologies have changed how these generations prefer… Continue reading >>

First bank deposit network for receipt of payments across 23 African nations

Transfast, a little known provider of online, cross-border p2p payments solutions, has announced the launch of its proprietary bank deposit network into 23 African nations – the most extensive of its kind on the continent. Transfast’s bank deposit network enables people in the US and Canada, and soon from the UK and EU, to send money online or via mobile,… Continue reading >>

The millennials have arrived

The digital decade has re-shaped industries as far afield as healthcare and retail. By contrast, the financial services industry has remained relatively unaffected, until now. With a generation of ‘digital natives’ now coming of age however, what does this mean for the future of banking? And how should the world’s banks respond to the shifting expectations of the millennial generation? “The… Continue reading >>

Dyre malware reboots for holiday phishing attacks

Shortly after online banking customers in the UK were warned of a major phishing campaign using the notorious Dyre malware designed to steal financial data, the malware has resurfaced in a new iteration for the holiday season. Customers of Barclays, Santander and Lloyds TSB were being targeted by the trojan malware. Nearly 20,000 malicious emails were sent containing infectious .exe files posing as an email from… Continue reading >>

Nigerian mobile money transactions hit $3.5 billion

Nigeria has recorded a total transaction of N700 billion, about $3.5 billion, through the mobile money banking system since 2012, according to the  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The Director, Banking and Payment Systems Department, CBN, Dipo Fatokun, made the statement in a presentation at a workshop on Mobile Money and Emerging Payment System master class to lawyers. Fatokun, who… Continue reading >>

Euro Retail Payments Board seeks P2P mobile payment interoperability

The Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) is seeking to drive greater P2P mobile payment interoperability with providers across the continent working closer together. Following its latest meeting, the ERPB (set up by the ECB as a successor to the Sepa Council), says that it has agreed to “endorse the vision” of allowing anyone to carry out a pan-European P2P mobile payment… Continue reading >>

Visa ditch Monitise

Monitise has been notified by Visa Europe that it will reduce its shareholding over time while continuing to work with the Company throughout the duration of its current commercial agreement. Visa Europe has been a beneficial shareholder in Monitise since October 2011. Visa Europe currently holds 115,750,000 shares, which represents 5.3% of Monitise’s issued share capital. Monitise and Visa Europe… Continue reading >>