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RBC first bank in North America with Host Card Emulation

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) has announced the addition of Host Card Emulation to the RBC Mobile app, allowing Canadians to pay with most Android mobile phones without worrying about being on the right mobile network or having the right SIM card. RBC is the first North American financial institution to develop a Host Card Emulation payment solution, providing more… Continue reading >>

Microsoft to accept bitcoin payments

In a blog post on December 11 from Microsoft, the software giant quietly announced that its customers can now use bitcoin to purchase certain products through third party payment processor BitPay, which also supports tech sales site TigerDirect and Virgin’s space flight offshoot Virgin Galactic. Microsoft made its announcement with little fanfare on its blog and slotted into the FAQ list… Continue reading >>

The 10 biggest issues in e-payments

As we head toward the close, 2014 seemed to be the year of the dinosaur— as in the outmoded creature whose days were ended in the flash of a mighty asteroid strike. Over and over again, the entities that clung to plastic cards with mag stripes, to slow-mo settlement processes, to old-fashioned price-based acquiring, seemed to be the ones caught flat-footed by… Continue reading >>

9th Annual Payments Industry Survey

9th ANNUAL PAYMENTS INDUSTRY SURVEY Payments Cards & Mobile, the award-winning publisher, and American Express, a leading global payments brand, have partnered with payments consulting firm Accourt, to conduct the Annual Advanced Payments Survey. Over the past years, the survey has charted the development of mobile and other advanced payments, capturing expectations, opinions and perspectives from all across the globe…. Continue reading >>

European payment firms investment hits record levels

It has been disclosed that venture capital investment in European payment companies is surpassing dotcom boom levels, boosted by the fast take-up of digital technologies and shifts in consumer behaviour. Nascent payments and transaction processing companies in Europe raised $417.9 million through 26 deals in the nine months to September, more than seven times what was raised during the same… Continue reading >>

Starbucks testing mobile ordering and payment

The coffee chain Starbucks processes around 47 million transactions each week in its 12,000 US stores, reports. According to the source, 7 million of those purchases (around 15%) are made with the Starbucks mobile application. The mobile app, which has been available for several years, is part of Starbucks’ loyalty program. With each purchase, customers receive stars (a sort of… Continue reading >>

Swift and Fiserv win $1 billion Australian payment system overhaul

Australia’s new payment system will be delayed by a year after five institutions stepped back from funding the $1 billion project. It was announced on Tuesday that the Reserve Bank of Australia-backed real time payments network will be built by bank messaging network SWIFT and payments company Fiserv But it also emerged it will be delayed by another year to late 2017. After… Continue reading >>

eBay and PayPal Split: What’s Next?

By the end of 2015 eBay and PayPal will become independent, publicly-traded entities. A combination of shareholder pressure and competitive innovation is believed to be the source of eBay’s September 30th announcement to spin off PayPal. Carl Icahn, who acquired a 0.82% stake in eBay, had been calling for a split since January 2014, saying eBay was holding PayPal back… Continue reading >>

Visa Europe set to cost $10 billion

Visa Inc. the world’s largest credit and debit card company, believes it might have to pay more than $10 billion to buy its London-based European licensee, Visa Europe Ltd, if its owners exercise their option to sell it. Visa might issue debt or equity, or need third-party financing, to fund the purchase of Visa Europe, it said in an annual filing with… Continue reading >>

Making the most of merchant loyalty

Creating merchant loyalty – location–based offers, discounts and targeted messaging are helping to place merchants at the centre of consumer engagement. According to research by IDC, 1.5 billion smartphones will be in use globally by 2017, while research firm Gartner predicts that worldwide mobile payment transaction values would reach $235.4 billion in 2013, a 44% increase from 2012’s $163.1 billion…. Continue reading >>