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Visa Inc. re-ignites talks to buy Visa Europe

Visa Inc. has confirmed it is in talks to reunite with former subsidiary Visa Europe in a deal that would give the global company more scale to compete with rival MasterCard. Shares of Visa, which also reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit as its US customers spent more, rose as much as 7.5% to $77.11 in extended trading. PCM reported in May… Continue reading >>

Death of pocket money – parents pay digitally

Traditional cash pocket money is dying out as increasing numbers of parents are paying their children’s pocket money digitally, according to new research from Intelligent Environments. However, in spite of an increasingly digitally-native generation of youngsters, only two UK high street banks cater for children under the age of 11. An online poll of 2,000 parents shows that the way… Continue reading >>

Innovation in payments initiatives

A global study of over 300 banking and financial services executives shows that, for the first time, innovation is ranked as important as regulation. The research also reveals that mobile first has now become mainstream, while innovative disruptive technologies such as block-chain will potentially become a very attractive alternative to traditional payment methods, transforming payment processing and acting as significant… Continue reading >>

First Data to IPO

First Data has taken its initial step towards a multibillion-dollar listing. First Data filed its paperwork for an IPO on Monday, but gave few details on the upcoming deal. The filing said it could raise $100m in the offering, but this was a place holder amount that is certain to change and no underwriters were listed. KKR will continue to control the company after… Continue reading >>

Payments in the spotlight at RBTE 2016

RBTE, Europe’s largest retail solutions gathering will be putting an even greater focus on the topic of payments for its 2016 event. Since its launch RBTE has been the leading merchant facing payments exhibition with over 40 retail payments specialists exhibiting and a dedicated payments conference theatre as part of its overall offering. In 2016 however RBTE will have a… Continue reading >>

Iranian banks rejoin SWIFT

Just hours after the historic settlement and lifting of years old sanctions against Iran regarding their nuclear capabilities, the Iranian banks have rejoined the SWIFT international banks settlement network. Iran’s Day Bank announced re-joining the SWIFT transaction system. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) blocked 30 Iranian banks from its services after the EU joined American sanctions against the Iranian… Continue reading >>

Microsoft forced into uncomfortable u-turn on Nokia

Once the darling of the mobile handset world, the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft was supposed to unleash a new powerhouse in mobile handsets. Unfortunately, as Tom O’Meara writes, The longer time goes on the more ludicrous Microsoft’s decision to buy Nokia looks. Far from creating the mobile phone powerhouse the two envisaged, the mobile unit is simply a mess. Microsoft… Continue reading >>

Mastercard testing facial biometrics security app

Mastercard says it is testing a smartphone app that uses facial biometrics to verify online purchases. Users in the trial can hold their phone up as though taking a selfie to approve transactions. “The new generation, which is into selfies… I think they’ll find it cool,” the firm’s security expert Ajay Bhalla told CNN. One security expert told the BBC facial recognition… Continue reading >>

Facebook Messenger payment service

Having trialled the Facebook Messenger payment service, Facebook announced that the payment feature is now available for Facebook Messenger users in the US. Now you can make person-to-person payments by adding your debit card through Facebook Messenger in just a few taps. The money goes straight from your checking account to the recipient’s checking account, said Facebook’s head of messaging products David… Continue reading >>

Creating a marketplace for global trade

In as little as a decade we will look back at the fractured banking and payments sector with utter astonishment at just how long traditional banking services weren’t challenged – costing businesses millions of pounds. Businesses of all sizes trade internationally every day, and have done for many years. Yet still they routinely accept – or sleepwalk into accepting –… Continue reading >>