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US EMV migration will take years

Its October the 1st. The deadline for US merchants to accept secure chip-enabled credit and debit cards,the US EMV migration, may take years for the conversion to be fully implemented. “Realistically, we should expect the adoption of chip cards in the US to take a few years,” says Gartner analyst Avivah Litan.  Banks are issuing chip cards to millions of customers… Continue reading >>

Digicash mobile payments

Auchan Luxembourg has kicked off the official launch of the 2nd generation of Digicash, the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment product. The new version enables customers to link their Auchan Luxembourg loyalty cards to their bank’s App and get a best-in-class full contactless payment experience with the Digicash BEACONs. There is no longer any need to show the loyalty card at… Continue reading >>

Stores play key role in omnichannel strategy

73% of retailers expect the store to become more strategically important by 2020 according to a new study. However, 69% said that expanding their digital presence is the top short-term priority. European retailers are taking significantly different approaches to omnichannel, according to the study by market research and strategy company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Retailers are trying to provide a… Continue reading >>

US banks certified for class action over Target data breach

The class action against Target brought by several banks over the retailer’s massive data breach in 2013 has been certified by a US judge. District Judge Paul Magnuson said the banks could pursue their claims together over the breach, which compromised at least 40 million credit cards during the holiday season. In a statement, Charles Zimmerman, one of the lead lawyers representing the banks,… Continue reading >>

Visa US EMV figures show slow progress

18% of the 720 million Visa-branded credit, debit, and prepaid cards in the US contained an EMV chip as of July, according to new Visa figures. Visa’s figures also indicate about 295,000 merchant locations were enabled for chip card acceptance at the end of July, up 19% from the 247,000 at the end of June. However, despite these gains, support for… Continue reading >>

Global retail study reveals consumer demand for new ways to pay

Shoppers around the world are demanding their retail experience be transformed, a study by MasterCard has revealed at this year’s World Retail Congress. Retailers are under increasing pressure to adopt new payment technologies, as shoppers demand simpler and more innovative ways to pay, MasterCard’s first Retail Social Listening Study has uncovered. In a world first, the MasterCard study in partnership with PRIME… Continue reading >>

UK spend limit on contactless cards lifted

UK consumers will now be able to spend up to £30 using contactless cards after the limit was increased. The limit per transaction for contactless cards, which do not require a PIN or a signature to authorise payment, was previously £20. The move follows a huge rise in the number of people using contactless cards in the UK. Transactions for the… Continue reading >>

Retailers extremely focused on payment innovation

Payment innovation in the retail industry is rapidly changing, driven by consumer adoption of mobile smart devices.  Because of recent well-publicized data breaches and payment card fraud, retailers have turned their attention to the dual challenges of data security and fraud prevention, even as they try to keep up with the demands of digitally enabled consumers. Retail Systems Research (RSR) recently released… Continue reading >>

FIME revolutionises payment terminal kernel design

In a move which will assist EMV payment terminal, mobile point of sale (mPOS) and kernel developers to bring their products to market more efficiently, quickly and cost effectively, FIME has launched its EVAL 4dev cloud-based service. According to FIME, this is a breakthrough in the testing world, enabling users to validate EMV Level 2 payment terminal kernels throughout the development… Continue reading >>

The Omni-channel challenge in Retail payments

More and more merchants in Europe feel the need to offer their services via multiple channels (i.e. physical stores, online, mobile etc.), embracing the so-called omni-channel retail approach. “In terms of payments, an omni-channel approach for merchants means accepting a wide variety of (offline and online) payment methods,” explains Evelien Witlox, General Manager Product Management & Innovation at Equens. “As –… Continue reading >>