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A new competitor for Bitcoin

The total value of the digital currency Bitcoin is now approximately $3.4 billion, and many companies and investors are working to prove that the technology can make financial services cheaper and more useful. But Stanford professor David Mazières thinks he has a faster, more flexible, and more secure alternative. If Mazières is correct, his technology could make digital payments and… Continue reading >>

The changing landscape of real-time retail payments systems

A new research paper by SWIFT assesses the global real-time retail payments systems (RT-RPS) landscape, provides analysis on the key drivers and trends, and identifies the different approaches, barriers to entry and critical success factors. The paper, entitled ‘The Global Adoption of Real-Time Retail Payments Systems’ highlights two key interlinked themes; the variety of different adoption speeds and the relationship… Continue reading >>

Verifone selects Thales to protect card holder data

Thales says that Verifone now uses Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) for its end-to-end payment encryption solution – VeriShield Total Protect – to provide robust, high speed, scalable crypto to protect card holder data, whether transmitted from a card or mobile device, right from the moment of capture. The protection of payment card data by encrypting from Verifone’s secure payment… Continue reading >>

AmEx Lab testing facial recognition technology

According to a WSJ blog, American Express is experimenting with facial recognition and wearable technology that could turn into new capabilities for some of its mobile apps, including products aimed at customers traditionally underserved by financial services companies. To boost business growth, the company wants to use emerging technologies to appeal to consumers in new segments, such as heavy mobile… Continue reading >>

Massive drop in number of unbanked says World Bank

From 2011 and 2014, 700 million people became account holders at banks, other financial institutions, or mobile money service providers, and the number of “unbanked” individuals dropped 20% to 2 billion adults, says a new report from the World Bank. “Access to financial services can serve as a bridge out of poverty. We have set a hugely ambitious goal –… Continue reading >>

NCR launch cloud-based ATM software platform

NCR says it has introduced the biggest change to the way an ATM operates since the self-service banking channel was invented nearly 50 years ago, launching Kalpana software, an enterprise software platform that moves ATM software and operations to the cloud. Kalpana software runs ATMs remotely, initially through a thin-client ATM including an Android operating system, and is designed to eliminate malware,… Continue reading >>

Growth in global NFC SIM market

The SIMalliance membership, which represents approximately 90% of the global SIM card market, has reported an 11% year-on-year increase in SIM unit shipments in 2014. Globally, the growth trend for NFC SIM shipments, which has now been evident over the past four years, continued throughout 2014, as units soared by 69% from 78 million in 2013 to 132 million units…. Continue reading >>

Retail Banks turn to IT to drive revenue in 2015

Retail bank IT investment in 2015 will be focused squarely on driving revenue growth, according to new research from Ovum, the global analyst house. Digital channels will be at the heart of this activity, particularly as the improving economy has meant reducing costs and headcount is no longer a priority. The large majority of investment made in 2015 will be… Continue reading >>

Judo Payments builds mobile payments SDK for Xamarin

Judo Payments has announced the launch of its mobile app payments software development kit (SDK) for mobile development solution Xamarin. Xamarin’s platform enables developers to build apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase – using the same language, APIs and data structure on every platform. Judo has seen a growing demand for Xamarin Components globally…. Continue reading >>

European ATM crime incidents fall 26%

In a European ATM Crime Report covering the full year 2014 EAST (European ATM Security Team) has reported that ATM related fraud incidents fell 26% when compared to 2013, although related losses were up 13%. EAST reported a 26% decrease in ATM related fraud attacks, down from 21,346 in 2013 to 15,702 in 2014. This fall was mainly driven by… Continue reading >>