DeviceFidelity turns iPhone contactless with microSD

DeviceFidelity has launched In2Pay, based on microSD technology, to enable iPhone users to make contactless transactions using Visa payWave. The firm says the patent is pending and that its add-on works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.

Trials of the device, which is placed into a specially designed protective case for the iPhone, will start in Q2 2010.


DeviceFidelity and Visa collaborated on the development of In2Pay, which they say provides secure, one-click access to contactless transactions. Initally the microSD will be issued and personalised like ordinary smart cards, but in future it should be possible to download account information via a mobile network.


The two companies hope In2Paywill accelerate the adoption of mobile contactless payments globally, especially in geographies where merchants have already upgraded payment terminals to accept contactless transactions, such as Canada.


DeviceFidelity has launched a partnership programme allowing application and Trusted Service Manager system developers to upgrade their NFC solutions by adding support for the In2Pay microSD.

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