European launch for NFC microSD cards report

A new report examining how NFC microSD cards could be the key to making NFC a reality was launched at the WIMA event on 20 April.

The Human Chain published NFC microSD cards: stepping stone or standard? Which looks in detail at the technology’s development status as well as its implications, the business drivers and the user experience compared with using an integrated NFC-enabled mobile phone.  


“Frustration, confusion and false starts have characterised the deployment of NFC technology,” says Tim Jefferson, MD, The Human Chain. “And the lack of a suitable range of NFC-enabled handsets is one of the biggest challenges. We’ve looked in depth at how the microSD form factor could play a vital role in making NFC a reality.” 


“The report starts from the premise that NFC is just one of the features that consumers may demand alongside a wider range of functions and apps such as cameras and games, and that they are unlikely to go out of their way to purchase a mobile handset with NFC until there is a range of stable, attractive services that are easy and convenient to use that make use of that capability,” says Dr Nick Spencer, senior consultant at the consultancy.


The report focuses on the growing interest in the NFC microSD card market and how these devices could not only deliver the richer experience promised by NFC, but prove to be alternative form factor that finally unlocks the potential of the technology.  


“These full-featured NFC devices can be inserted into existing handsets and potentially offer an equivalent set of services, making them a particularly compelling proposition,” says Spencer. 


Jefferson adds, “Interest is strongest in countries that have a mixture of mobile standards and it is here that NFC microSD cards could gain a solid foothold.” 


The report, which includes a glossary and a breakdown of all the companies intending to provide NFC microSD cards, also looks at the technical and business issues that need to be tackled when deploying this form factor and highlights the importance of the user experience. 

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