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Cover story | The robot revolution

Robots have long been in our factories doing jobs that are dull, dumb, dirty or dangerous. They are also on our roads, in our skies, homes and mobile devices by way of self-driving vehicles, drones and virtual assistants. By 2020, 80 percent of online transactions are expected to be handled by a bot. When the robot revolution is already underway, how do those in banking and payments respond? 

Follow the money

Every crime that starts with money, ends with money laundering. Around $2 trillion is laundered every year, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Everyone is paying the price. Banks have huge administrative overheads. Businesses and consumers face friction-filled customer journeys when they open a bank account, transfer funds or instruct a lawyer. The best firms manage risk best. So, how do firms use technology, process and people to manage their exposure to money laundering?

Small businesses: Are you being served?

The long tail of small and medium-sized businesses wags a long way down. Small merchants often make up the biggest group in an acquirer portfolio. They generate the most profit yet have the highest attrition rates. Are they under-served?


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