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Cover story | The future of money

From Nantes in France to Mombassa in Kenya and Brixton in the UK, local currency schemes are growing. PCM investigates what community currencies can tell us about the future of money. Will the evolution of money and payments be global and digital, or rather more local and analogue? 

Post Offices: Transformation post-haste

Post offices are the ultimate hybrid business, combining retail and financial services. With an enviable branch and logistics network at the heart of many communities, financial services via the post office are undergoing a reboot. But this is not without growing pains…

Connected car

Car manufacturers, suppliers, telcos and Big Tech are all jostling to own customer relationships and data in the era of the connected car. Sound familiar?

It should as it is reminiscent of the battle around mobile contactless payment where take-up has been slow, largely due to commercial rather than technical reasons. What can be done to prevent history repeating itself and the connected car stalling?


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