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Cover story | Rolling the dice

Acquiring gambling merchants is high risk with high merchant fees to match. Or at least this always used to be the case. But in a regulated industry quick to adopt new technology, where the house always wins, how high-risk is acquiring gambling merchants really?


There was a regulatory alert every 12 minutes in 2015, according to Thomson Reuters. With the pace of regulatory change showing no signs of let-up and compliance budgets ballooning, regulation is ripe for disruption. Enter a new breed of RegTech disruptors threatening to do for regulation what FinTech is doing for financial services.


Criminals follow the money. In today’s increasingly interconnected world they conduct digital hold-ups and cause major disruption by targeting critical infrastructure. So, how do those in the financial services industry get inside the mind of the hacker? How do they separate the signal from the noise to gain effective threat intelligence insights?


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