Latest Issue Overview

Latest issue overview

Featured in the PCM January / February 2018 Issue: Cover Story – Payment Cards in Europe

PCM Research
POS Terminals
0 TransFirst release the way5000

WAY Systems and TransFirst have released the way5000, a credit, PIN-Debit, low-cost, pocket sized mobile POS device. The way5000 will be fully supported and sold throughout the TransFirst sales network.…

Mobile Payments
0 CHARGE Anywhere new releases

Amazon Payments has announced the availability of the Amazon Mobile Payments Service (Amazon MPS), providing developers, merchants and distributors of mobile applications an easy way to process payments from mobile…

0 Indian Railways gets smart

Indian Railways, the world’s second largest rail network carrying 18 million passengers daily, has embarked on an ambitious programme to adopt contactless smart card technology for its unreserved ticketing system…

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