Payments Cards and Mobile May|June 2016


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Cover story – Risky Business – High-risk e-commerce acquiring

High-risk acquiring often means high rewards for acquirers and payment service providers. However, balancing risk with reward in the e-commerce channel can be fraught with hazards for the unwary. The risks from unscrupulous merchants, consumers and criminals are high. And when the stakes are high, doubling down may not be an option…

Payments in the Nordics

Card payments in the Nordics are two-and-a-half to four times higher than the European average. Local person-to-person (P2P) mobile payment apps regularly top the app download charts. And at least one government is proposing to remove the requirement to accept cash. How and why are the Nordics going out of their way to pay in a new way, and what can other countries learn from them?

Card Notes

  • Global fintech investment growth continues
  •  Remittances to developing countries up slightly in 2015
  • The battle over encryption continues
  • Cybercriminals exploit the human factor
  • Global payment security standards updated
  •  Whose regulation is it anyway?


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