Payments Cards and Mobile November/December 2016


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Cover story – The War On Cash

Despite all the marketing money spent on promoting electronic payments over many decades, cash still accounts for around 80 percent of consumer payments worldwide. So, is a cashless society a realistic aspiration, or is less cash the best we can hope for?

Financial inclusion – Addressing the unbanked in developing countries

Around two billion people worldwide do not use formal financial services and around half the adults in the poorest households are unbanked, according to the World Bank. When financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity, we investigate what the payments industry is doing around financial inclusion.

Cyber insurance – Cyber insurance and mitigating cyber risk

Cyber attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. ‘Transfer’ is one of the four ‘Ts’ of risk management, alongside terminate, tolerate and treat. We examine the growing market for cyber insurance, and the extent to which companies can effectively transfer their cyber risks.

Card Notes

Global non-cash volumes grow by ten percent in 2015
Banking on biometrics
2016: The year of the mobile banking app
The relentless growth of cybercrime



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