Payments Cards and Mobile Research

Payments Industry Intelligence – helping your company navigate a growing, fragmented and competitive market

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Payments Cards and Mobile Research offers comprehensive, in-depth research into topics which are relevant and tailored to your needs.

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Our in-house Research facility is available for short term projects. We specialise in M&A activity, market entry data, country report analysis and statistics. Research reports on banking, payments and mobile payments worldwide.
Topics range across the measurement of efficiency and performance, card related information, the role of brands in banking and the impact of non-banks such as retailers and Internet Giants on the financial services and mobile financial services market.
Payments Cards and Mobile offers specific research on all aspects of banking, card payments, Issuing/Acquiring, financial services and the mobile financial services market. For example :

  • Information on a particular market or a pan-European comparison of particular segment.
  • Market evaluation for product or company launch
  • Vendor shortlist for RFP
  • Mobile payments and NFC specialists

Contact: Alex Rolfe | Managing Director | +44 1263 711800