Must read for insurance firms: What you need to know about the threats to mobile

New research from Wandera evaluates over 10,000 iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices across North America and Europe to find out the state of mobility in insurance firms.

As devices and the applications they use become more sophisticated, so too do the techniques that hackers use to attack them. Keeping up with the latest developments in mobile security can be a challenge for many mobility and security leaders, especially against the backdrop of a vast and rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Wandera’s recent survey into mobile maturity, in association with VMware and IDG, shows the insurance industry as a whole has recognized the importance of managing corporate mobile fleets and having a more sophisticated approach to mobility than other sectors. They are lagging behind, however, in key areas such as mitigating a data breach and preventing threats via the mobile device. Two areas of mobility which ultimately cannot be ignored.

There is clearly a pressing need for the insurance industry to implement threat defense solutions and ensure that companies have a robust mobile security strategy in place, especially in light of the GDPR legislation. Understanding where your company’s weak points are is the first step to making sure you are equipped to deal with the latest threats.

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